At that time I was living in Australia. I bought a flight ticket from Cairns to Fiji, not a long flight. I landed in Nadi and stayed there for one day and one night. The morning after I woke up early and went to catch a ferry to start exploring the tiny precious Fijian islands!


I visited three of the Yasawa Group islands: Kuata Island, Mantaray Island and had an amazing unforgettable home stay experience at Nacula Island.


‘Things to do list’.

Drink the tradicional kava

The traditional kava ceremony will be a definite highlight of your Fiji vacation. In Fiji, a kava ceremony is a ritual in every village you will enter as well as a key feature on your Fiji resort.

Visit Mantaray Island

One of the the Yasawa Islands of Fiji, epitomizes the perfect Fiji holiday. Boasting idyllic white sand tropical beaches, vibrant coral reefs, a marine reserve teeming with life, fantastic cuisine and a close affiliation with the local village. You can snorkel at only few metres away from the shore.










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Bula! Fiji

My homestay at Nacura Village


At the homestay we arrived with a small spidy boat, we were 6 tuorists in total. They welcomed us with some coffee and cakes. We meet the village headman and some other locals, they were super excited to meet us, and so we were. They talked  bit about their village; rules, culture ect.. 

We left our backpacks to the traditional bungalow (bure) boasted in a stunning sea view and we went to walk around the village. Kids were coming to meet us, so curios and wonder with such a happy smile they took us around showing their church, school and area where they play.. everyone in the village was so kind and welcoming, allowing us into their homes to eat with them. It was incredible  to meet with some of the world's poorest people and see how they are happy with a single experience, it really does changed how I feel about material possessions.

The homestay was "my Fijian time".

The homestay Fijian village means respect, pray and be grateful for having food. Everyone takes care of each other as a big family, sharing a small island as their whole world. It's where all the kids have happy eyes and sweet and shy smile.


I had the opportunity to experience real Fiji life.

If your're looking for something a little different outside the box and your comfort zone. If you have an adventurous spirit, would like to see a true Fiji experience with the most welcoming and loving people. The experience will change YOU.

I will keep this experience in my heart forever.

Vinaka vakalevu!


I recommend to land in Nadi, from there you can take a ferry to go to the islands around. There is one ferry going around the Yasawa Islands; it is starting from the morning and go all around the Islands and then back to Nadi.


... till next time