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Paradise Found, Phi-Phi Island

Updated: May 23, 2020

Early morning... silence, serene silence. There is only the sound of the calm waves, caressing the white shore and peaceful birds tweeting. Sea smell, cool, fresh breeze.

Thailand is wonderful beaches, crystalline water and blue sky; but it's not only that.. Thailand is good food, good people, stunning temples and so much more.

Phi Phi Island

My second time in Thailand started from Phi Phi Island, once again I LOVED IT!

We were arriving from Cambodia, landed in Phuket. From there we caught a taxi to the port, we shared it with a Spanish couple who were about to go there too (it takes about 45 minutes ride, 700 THB in total). On the ferry we meet a group of Argentinian guys and Camila from Poland with his Dutch boyfriend, we ended up doing our journey to Phi Phi together, and met again with few in other attractions in Thailand.

It was afternoon when we got to Phi Phi and my travel mate and I went straight to look for a hostel, then we meet with the guys for dinner. We decided to book a tour for the morning. It was starting at 8:45 am finishing at 19:30 pm. All together we were a big group, it was us in a boat around the Island (price was 1500 THB per person, including food and tax to visit the islands). After snorkelling we stopped the boat to a strategic point for the best sunset of Phi Phi. That view was just INCREDIBLE.

The sky was pink and orange, the sea was dark blue and the air was delicate and salty: just magical! One of the most beautiful day of my life, and there was more yet to come... At 7 pm it was dark, we grabbed a diver's mask and we jumped into the sea to admire the glowing plankton. We could see the bio-luminescence by dangling our feet in the water. It was like a dream.

The boat took as back to the main island, we had some noodles and we set off for a refreshing shower. By 8:30 pm we were back at the beach for the fire show dancing on the shore.

"Enjoy today, just forget about your phone and feel free"

Loh Moo Dee Beach

We were staying near Long Beach and instead of taking the overpriced boat, we walked to explore around. After about 30 minutes walk we discover this hidden gem "Loh Moo Dee Beach". We had the full beach for our self. Velvety sand, peaceful birds tweeting, fresh breeze. My full body was under the water and I could still see the sand between my toes. It was paradise, and I was still alive - a miracle! #thailand


One of the best sunset I have ever seen was in Koh Phi Phi. The Island is made up of two large rock formations connected by a large strip of sand, and from the view point you can see its beauty. The viewpoint hikes is the only way to get there, you need to walk around 30 minutes to reach to the top. One of the must-do. Through the hike there are two viewpoint. Make sure you get to the second one to get the best panorama. There is a 30 THB charge to enter, but you won't be disappointed. #phiphiviewpoint

Try the local food

Phi-Phi island is a very tourist site so it can be difficult to find local food. We discovered a street with locals making traditional food. It's on the way to the view point. I really suggest you to have a go. #thaifood