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How to get to Jerusalem from Amman

Updated: May 23, 2020

Of course, as incredible of a destination as this city is, I was a bit worried before getting there cause of the conflict that is always described on the news. Once at the border it is touching and intimidating to see groups of soldiers holding big guns. But, as soon as you start strolling around Jerusalem, all the worry disappear and turns into blessing.

We were on a journey through Jordan, from there we crossed the board to get to Jerusalem and then Tel Aviv as last stop.

"In Israel, to be a realist you must believe in miracles."

-Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion

Crossing the board from Jordan to Israel

We passed from King Hussein Bridge by taking a taxi from Amman, it is approximately a 30 km drive. There is a bus as well Egged Bus 961 which drop you at 2 km from the border, requiring either a taxi or walking. Sunday through Thursday, border crossing is open from 08:00-22:00. If you go between Friday and Saturday make sure you go early in the morning as the border is open from 08:00-13:30 only, and you need to know that you can spend hours before passing the border. At the border you will be asked to leave your passport to them which will be given you back just after you get into the bus to cross the border. It was the fist time that I left my passport to somebody else and I was a bit fretful but it was only their procedures, so don't worry.


It is an electronic Gate Pass that shows entering and excite date from the Country. It printed on it the picture you have in your passport and it is free. Just make sure you ask to have your visa and print not directly in your passport as you could have issues in future getting to other countries of middle east. The visa is free just make sure you have some cash with you as there is a small tax fee to pay at the border.

How to get to Jerusalem from King Hussein Border

Once you cross the border they will ask you to move from the bus to a smaller wan, all normal and at half way it will stop in order to let a soldier come in and check around, one of the most anxious moment seeing a military to be looking around you with such a big gun machine. Okay finally, after other controls at the Israel cross, you get to pass the border. There you will find many busses and van that takes to Jerusalem.

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