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East of Eden - The Best of Southeast’s Food

Updated: May 23, 2020

Here, I shared some of my favourite eatery I experienced during my journey through Southeast Asia.

“In Southeast Asia food strike your mouth very differently than everywhere else. They can play around with sweet, salty and savoury and make incredible dishes. After tasting that variety of flavors my palate totally changed

Best noodle shop in Hanoi, Vietnam

Pho 10 - Address: 10 Lý Quốc Sư, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Best Pho in Hanoi

Well, when I went to Vietnam I fell in love with their noodles. I enjoyed it all around Vietnam, most of the times in locals. One that I loved in Hanoi is Pho 10, a must to try. It’s a local treasure, it only serves Pho and is super cheap. Like in most of the locals eatery in Vietnam you will share a table. This local treasure is located down the street from the cathedral in the Old Quarter.

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Typical Vietnamese coffee -Egg Coffe

Cafe Pho- Co Address: 1 Hang Gai (4th floor) Hanoi 10000 Vietnam

It sound super weird, it's as well what I though when I've been told the tradicional coffee in Vietnam is egg coffee. Also, I am Italian and coffee for me is untouchable. But as I said I love discovering about other culture, food and custom so I had to try it. I am writing about it because it was surprisely tasty; creamy, velvet and sweet. A unique coffee. We went to this coffee shop as it was suggested from two Vietnamese girl. Super excellent one, have a try.

Fresh Fish sitting next to a shore in El Nido, Philippines

Marber's Restaurant- Address: 9999 Buena Suerte, El Nido, Philippines
Fresh fish, stunning view

We were looking for some fresh grilled fish and this was in our expectations! It was a restaurant recommended from a local. Once we arrived they asked to go to the fish stall and choose which fish we wanted. We order squids and sea bream, delicious! It's beautiful as well that you are literally eating at the beach. Fresh fish, lovely view, cool breeze in a traditional Filipino restaurant. If you are around El Nido go for it!

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Lechon Lover, Philippines

House of Lechon- Address: Aciacia street 6000 Cebu City Central Visayas
Lechon Lover

If you want to have a delicious traditional Lechon give a go to this restaurant in Cebu. Lechon is a roasted pork dish that is particularly eaten in the Spanish speaking colonies. I used not to like Lechon so much, but this place absolutely changed my mind! Also we were amazed with the place as it has a Filipino theme. It was a bit expensive as we were on a budget trip, but we love it!

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A large slice of the entire locals flavours, Singapore

Chinatown Steet Market - Address: Sago Street, Singapore 050005
A bit of everything...

When I travel I love eating tradicional food to get closed to the place. Apparently though, Singapore does not have a proper typical food as it's a cosmopolitan society. Chinatown street market is huge and there's a big variety of food section. It also takes you back in time as it seems like entering in a different reality. You can have authentic Chinese dinner in the street, Thailand's favourite dish Pad Thai or delicious Vietnamese Pho, etc.. It is a touristic attraction but at the same time a unique experience. It is a good place to buy souvenirs too. I loved strolling the streets, smelling foods aromas, visiting many stalls and small stores. Better to visit when the sun is going down and make sure you come hungry!

Interesting place is Siem Reap, Cambodia

Bugs Cafe - address: Siem Reap, Siemreab-Otdar, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Unusual Food

Okay guys, this is just a little bit let's say "different". Do you recognize what is in the plate? Delicious, crispy, cooked insects. At least that is how my friend Peppe described it. I can't lie... I am sorry to disappoint you but I couldn't make it! Eating insect in Southeast Asia is nothing new, specially in Cambodia. Before going to this restaurant we did so many research, and this come out to be the best place to eat insects. The chef did a great job in suggesting choices and explaining how to eat it once he brought the food. It's a clean place, food come with a excellent presentation and apparently really tasty.

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