Since young age I was curious about other countries, know the world and travel it around. I am Italian I lived and travelled in different countries. I am now based in the UK.

I love to travel. There is nothing like getting off a plane and see the beauty of a new place. I love the aticipation of a trip. Looking ahead, saving, planning, researching, all makes the trip a greater adventure. That is why travelling is pretty much what I do every time I get the chance.

Who knows me usually ask me for suggestions and tips for their trips. Here I am, I decided to create this blog with all my experiences and tips to help everyone for their journeys.

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About Me

I am a passionate traveler. Traveling all across the globe became what fulfil my spirit. One of the things I love about travelling is getting to explore new places; meet locals, experience their food and culture, learn all about its history and finding out the beaten route sense that you couldn’t find as a tourist.


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